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Yachats, gateway to Cape Perpetua

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            If you are looking for a return to a quieter time and place, Yachats is it!

            Nestled between the green forest and the blue sea, Yachats is still a small village where you can walk everywhere, where the shops are owned by real people who remember your name and are happy to see you, and where you can refresh yourself—mind, body and spirit.

            And yet….it’s also a happening place! Yachats residents are a quirky lot, full of curiosity and creative sparkle. They value their beautiful environment; they host festivals for music, mushrooms, and more; they build trails everywhere; they sponsor speakers and support youth activities. There is live music somewhere almost every night.

            Yachats is the center of the central Oregon coast. In every direction, you will find places to explore and adventures to experience. Cape Perpetua offers tide pools, blow holes, whale watching, fungus finding, nature guides, and miles of trails.

Yachats is the perfect place—for weddings, reunions, board retreats, craft workshops, or just a quiet getaway. On GoYachats.com, you can find all the information you need about lodging, restaurants, shops, services, facilities, and events.

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