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Things to do in Yachats


What is Geocaching and why might I be interested in such an activity?  Simply put Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt.  It uses the Internet (to locate information about a cache and its location), hand held GPS (Global Positioning System) unit (to find the general location of the cache down to about a 5 ft. circle), and you (to use the clues, hints, common sense, and sense of adventure) to find and log your find!  As they say Geocaching, where you are the search engine.” 

So what exactly is a cache?  It is a container ranging from about half the size of a pen (micro cache) to a large Tupperware container or ammo can (large cache).  The micro only contains a log where the large cache has a log and trinkets mostly small items that you can trade with something of equal value. 

Why would I want to Geocache?  It is an adventure!  It is a very family friendly activity!  It takes you to places and views that you would never find on your own!  It provides history lessons about the area!  It gets you out and about exploring the area!  It keeps your mind active solving puzzles using common sense and asking the question “If I were going to hid something here where would I put it?” 

Does this mean I have to do 5 mile hikes in the woods?  Not unless you want to.  Most are medium sized (think green painted peanut butter jars or small lock-n-lock containers) and most are located on easy walks on flat ground.  There are some caches within Yachats and in the Cape Perpetua area which require hiking but again most are within 500 ft. of a parking place. 

So what kind of caches will I find in Yachats?  There are about 24 caches in Yachats that are mostly easy and designed to show you scenic or historical landmarks within the city.  Think about the 804 Trail, Little Log Church, the Commons boardwalk, and unique ocean views.  From time to time new caches are added but that theme is the basis for most Yachats caches.  Sizes range from micro to large so most (but not all) have trade items. 

Where can I find more information?  Try which is the official website for Geocaching.  To experience Geocaching you will need to establish a “handle” like YahotsWalker or BirkieHiker and setup an account.  It is free so you can try it so see if you like caching and go from there.  You will also need a GPS unit where you can enter latitude and longitude.  Any zip code can be used to establish a search area. The Yachats zip code is 97498.  The other search parameter is distance from the zip code. Ten miles will get you over 110 caches.  So give it a try!  You can do this as a group or as an individual.  Enjoy!  Remember – You are the search engine!

Do you want to take a scenic tour of the Yachats area?  A new geocaching opportunity is now available to explore the Yachats area which includes the Yachats River Valley and the scenic drive over forest roads coming out at Cape Perpetua.  The tour will take you around the Town, up the Valley, and over the Ridge with 26 different geocaches offering unique views and history of the area.  To learn more click on this link.

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