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Service Records Explained

What is a Service Record?

Service records are the public window into your organizations products, services, and facilities. They are the most visible element of your organization. There is no limit on the number of Service records you can create. For example, a restaurant could have a Service page for their dining. Another Service page might present their catering options and a third page could advertise live music or display their menu.

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When you use the Index menu and choose a Category, you are looking at all the Service pages that have selected that particular Category option. The same is true when you use the Facility, Food/Lodging and Shopping menu choices.

The search function gives you the option of including or excluding Organizations, Services, and Events from your search results.

How are Service pages different from the Detail page? Organizations have one Detail page while they can have many Service pages. Detail pages chiefly serve an administrative function and are not very visible to the public. Some information on the Detail page is not visible to the public. All Service page data is visible to the public. Detail pages contain static information about an organization. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Organization e-mail
  • External web link
  • Owner information
  • Local contact

One GoYachats design objective was to reduce the amount of work required to create new Service records. When new Service records are created, the system pulls static information from the detail record. When a Detail field is changed, (phone number, owner information, or local contact), it only has to be changed in one place for change to be visible on all of their GoYachats Service pages.


Modified:  12-30-2012

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